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Information from Global Hardware retail

Britain has endured the pain from the recession, according to the person in charge of the British Independent Retailers Association, the independent retailers to be better than the plight of those chain stores.The official said that they reshape their adjustment of product inventory, capacity and expectations of the introduction of new product line to their flexibility, which is the large retailers are lacking.Moreover, they are trying to help some large blocks (main commercial street) back to life.

Italy's retail sector has begun to rebound after a three-year decline.Residential and urban development is to get some of the credit, coupled with efforts on consumers, so that the old structure is more modern and innovative.

Although IHA in South America did not receive the Association to become a member, but a lot of associations might be interested in understanding this region about hardware / home centers interested in the information of the retail sales growth in these countries, including intelligence, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

According to the British bank Lloyds TSB Bank statistics, the their DIY purchasing power in 2010 and began to decline, reaching its lowest level since 1998, is the 9.5 billion pounds, an average of 352 pounds each family.Dating back to 2004 was 14.66 billion pounds, DIY purchasing power.If this information is similar to the situation with your country, maybe you are willing to make a comparison with the British to take the local trends.

Lawn and gardening products around the country for almost most hardware retailers, those retailers outside the UK will be the envy of their brethren.Because 76% of the British public can use any kind of garden, plans to aggressively grow various plants.If this proportion is popular in the world, that is how impressive it!

"DIY made in the global report shows that Belgian consumers to buy gardening products in garden centers.According to the report shows that of the the Trade Union Comeos company, 78% of respondents as their shopping, although it is not only unique, they half go to the DIY store purchases, 37% of people buy their needs in horticulture nursery seed products.The report also showed that 51% a year only to buy time gardening products, and 41% a month to buy time.On average, a quarter of consumers annually spending about 200 euros for horticultural products, but 37% of consumers a year spent in gardening costs € 200 - € 500.

According to the "DIY Global, Mr. Bricolage franchise group plans to establish a relevant small community store network in France, the news published in the newspaper La Tribune, confirmed in an interview this Group CEO Mr. Jean-Francois Boucher 's.The range of products sold by the store including all product categories, according to the center of the family's needs, to facilitate customers within walking distance of stores, IHA members do not know the French are interested in this project?

Hardware stores in the United States, usually located in the main street of the small cities or in the bigger cities or suburban strip regional centers.Recent report shows that the ribbon area vacancy rate is currently 11%.This figure is significantly higher than its previous level, this situation might bring down rents and Hardware for successful people to provide expansion opportunities.

"Asian retail", a foreign issue of the business magazine published in Singapore, in its June issue, with a half-page graphic published selected from IHA members of the association at the annual meeting in Las Vegas in May recommended by the Chinese Association of young retailers reported.This magazine is widely distributed in the whole of Asia, China and IHA is a great deal of publicity.

A small, independent retailers and a functioning over ten (or even hundreds or thousands) stores the giant retailer competition?

Ongoing competition, tens of thousands of retailers worldwide.

Once IHA general meeting convened at the recent two years, the conference is sponsored by the North American Association of hardware retailers, conference venue in Las Vegas.In the General Assembly, four different types of stores retailers operate in different areas, to share strategies for how they successfully compete with the retailer giants like Home Depot,, Romer, Wal-Mart, they even the world are the biggest retailers.

Hardware Retailers Association in North America these retailers named "master", they agreed that independent retailers have to try something new."Do not be afraid to try," they said, "Sometimes an idea may not be able to really works, but it often is, a new show, a new kind of product or a new service will bring you great success. '

From a strategic perspective, independent retailers must pay attention to the training of their employees, and the only way they were able to provide a better service, this situation is common in the large competitors.Four retailers also said independent retailers must allocate sufficient resources in science and technology, so their systems to be able to ensure access to the largest commodity turnover rate and margin management.

The biggest advantage perhaps an independent retailer, also emphasized the ability to quickly change.Changes or trends due to the interest of consumers, businesses must quickly adjust the display of goods, changes in the type of inventory products and strive to meet the needs of consumers.

Because many retailers joined the marketing plan and participate in some of the purchase activity - their primary wholesalers, or in the International Hardware Show in Las Vegas this show, they can exchange ideas, so that they can learn from other the retailer successful experience benefit.

Today, a maximum constraints independent retailers achieve success factor is their failure in enterprising and innovative aspects, it is unanimously endorsed gurus.

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