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Melting team, cohesive force | High quality development of Jiulong in 2023

2023 Jiulong Outdoor Expansion

We arrived at Shuanglin Village, Ninghai County for the outdoor expansion of Jiulong Day this time. Here, the rural scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh and pleasant, and leaning against the mountains and water, it is a wonderful feng shui treasure land. The white walls and black tiles are hidden between the grass and trees.
The sun is shining, the wind is fine and warm. Under the leadership of the camp coach, everyone gathered in the grass and trees for today's expansion activity.

Activity Start

Let's get ready for exercise together!
Before the activity starts, the coach asks everyone to put their hands on their peers' shoulders, pinch their shoulders and pound their backs for their colleagues who spend time together. Together, everyone claps their hands and feet. The warm up session not only eliminates some fatigue in work and life, but also breaks the usual formality of getting along, and the atmosphere on site gradually heats up!
In team creation

Under the guidance of the coach, each team member worked hard to create the team name and emblem, gradually taking shape step by step. The four teams have vastly different styles, and each team's partners are fully prepared for the upcoming competition!
Team Style Display
Wolf Warriors

Green Arrow Team

Sword Team

Roasting Duck Team

Jointly building a tower

Jointly building a tower is a game that tests team cohesion. Through challenges, the role of improving tacit understanding and enhancing team cohesion can be achieved.
During practice, everyone will discuss countermeasures to see how to arrange them first, and then see which one to hook up first. Slowly place the tower blocks to prevent collapse. During the practice process, there were collapses that occurred, but everyone was confident. At the beginning of the official competition, each team has built the highest level in effective time!
Unity and success in building the tower!
Frisbee Relay Race

The event features four events: Frisbee Double Relay, Frisbee Golf, Frisbee Nine Palace Grid, and Frisbee Bowling. Through various new gameplay forms, let Frisbee take off and let happiness take off.
In! "The contestants cleverly passed the frisbee and cooperated with each other, fully experiencing the fun of frisbee and the charm of group sports. The participants at the event were enthusiastic and fiercely competitive. In the end, the Duck Racing Team won the first place in the event with a time of 2 minutes and 21 seconds.
Da Vinci Code - Double Decoding

This is a number reasoning game that requires team collaboration. The game is divided into 3 rounds, where numbers are randomly arranged. After each team member flips, they must give their team a high five and flip the next card in order. If they fail to flip to the designated card, they must flip the card back. The team with the shortest duration within the specified time wins!
In the process of double decoding, each team is brainstorming. Double decoding is a fierce and interesting game that not only tests the mutual understanding between team members, but also requires communication and collaboration between teams.
In the game, everyone is actively involved, racing against the clock, and each has their own division of labor, reflecting the importance of each member of the team. The power of a person is limited, and even cannot complete a task. The power of a team is infinite!
Champion team-Green Arrow Team

Congratulations to the Green Arrow team for winning the championship!
Lunch time
After the event, let's all show off the seafood feast together!


After the end of this event, the company held a mid year strategy seminar and partner mid year meeting to discuss the mid year summary and outlook for the second half of the year and next year, as well as thoughts and suggestions on the company's high-quality development.
In order to deepen the promotion of rural revitalization, unleash the vitality of agricultural and rural development, and comprehensively promote the cause of rural revitalization and development in the new era, we hope that our expansion activities can help more people understand the beautiful scenery of Shuanglin Village in Ninghai.
This outdoor expansion team building activity has made everyone deeply realize the importance of team communication and collaboration, promote the team's fighting spirit, feel the power of the team, and experience the joy of victory.
I believe that in the future work, everyone will take on a new look and a proud attitude. Continue to carry forward the team spirit of daring to challenge, unity, and division of labor in the event, and help Jiulong sail far!