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The Power of Role Models | 2022 Best Team

Team of the Year-Procurement Department
A team is a whole and the progress of a team requires everyone to work together. Building a team means making everyone's dreams come true. An excellent team cannot succeed and achieve its goals in a timely manner without the full cooperation and collaboration of all members.
Character Introduction:

Hello everyone, I am Sun Ding and currently work as a procurement manager in the procurement department. I joined the Ningbo Jiulong family on June 1, 2015, and this is my eighth year in the company. I enjoy traveling and reading in my spare time from work.
Traveling can help me relax appropriately in my busy work and go out more often to see my country’s beautiful rivers and mountains! In my free time, I also enjoy reading books and playing puzzle games at home. My dream is to realize my own values and hope that all my family and friends can live every day in a healthy way.
Team Introduction
Hello, Sun Ding! The procurement department has stood out among several departments and won the Best Team Award. Congratulations again, can you briefly introduce the procurement department?
I have been joining Jiulong for over 8 years and have witnessed its growth and development. I am also honored to serve as the purchasing department manager. I hope to continuously improve myself and keep up with Jiulong's footsteps, witness Jiulong's next phase of high-speed development, and work together with Jiulong and safety.
My team is a team full of mixed characteristics of the 80s and 90s, with passion and vitality, composure and calmness, positivity and openness. We’re not only proficient in product expertise, but also have a strong team spirit and am willing to help each other. We believe that as long as we unite and pursue the same goal, we will definitely shine and shine.
Team Style

Team Dinner

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Work scenario

Award Show
acceptance speech
First of all, I would like to thank the company’s leaders for their recognition. Secondly, I would like to thank other departments for their support. But most importantly, it is inseparable from the dedication and cooperation of every family member in the department. It is precisely because of your efforts that our department was able to win this award and be recognition.
Team performance
Looking back on 2022, what achievements have you achieved? What are the biggest improvements compared with 2021?
In 2022, we encountered environmental influences such as the recurrence of the epidemic and the deregulation, the European economic downturn caused by the Russia-Ukraine war, which made us caught off guard for a moment and felt difficulties, but we still managed to achieve 100% of the shipment volume through hard work, indicating that as long as we are determined and brave, we can actually move forward. This is also inseparable from the joint efforts of all departments of the company.
Compared with 2021, our team cohesion has improved. Everyone has transformed their personal goals into overall departmental goals, making progress in terms of good and timely delivery rate, which increased from 75% to 88%.ensuring the delivery time and achieved the annual goal of good and timely delivery rate. From another perspective, it also indicates that our institutional processes have been improved and improved, making the data more accurate.
Team Spirit
What is the most important spirit for your team?
Teamwork: A team is a group that comes together to achieve a common goal. Cooperation requires everyone to think together, work together, unite, love, care and help. The combination of the two is the spirit of teamwork, which embodies a group of people who share weal and woe.
Future plans
Are there any new plans or goals for 2023? What message do you want to share with the company's friends
In 2023, we plan to increase efforts in new fields and products, expand the diversified development of our company's products, ensure that the front-line business department has sufficient ammunition, and promote the achievement of the company's goals.
I really want to say to everyone here that only by working together towards a common goal, consolidating and mastering our professional knowledge, truly treating Jiulong as a home, and treating our company partners as our own family and relatives, can we go further and better together with the brand of Jiulong. Come on!
Departmental atmosphere
The mutually supportive, harmonious, friendly, and relaxed working atmosphere among department colleagues can help me familiarize with work tasks and adapt to the new environment faster.
The procurement department involves many related departments and requires close cooperation from relevant departments of the company. Through continuous contact and cooperation with these departments, my business knowledge, interpersonal communication, and coordination skills have significantly improved.
Our department also often organizes outings together and shares some interesting things in the group. We really enjoy the team atmosphere. First of all, thank you very much to the company. This trip to Sanya was also very enjoyable.
CEO's Message
General Manager Jin Enjing said to them:
First of all, I would like to warmly congratulate them on their achievements last year. The procurement department is an excellent team with great vigor and tenacity.
They learn from each other, help each other, unite and love each other, firmly execute the procurement tasks assigned by the company, and focus on customer value, constantly explore and innovate, find excellent partners for the company and develop new products with high quality.
I hope that in 2023, they will continue to work hard, do their jobs well, continuously improve themselves, actively innovate, and contribute to the rapid development of the company.