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Business And E-commerce Departments PK Fulfillment Conference

Enterprise PK mechanism, between employees, between departments, PK mechanism enables employees to increase their income and improve themselves in the joyful pursuit. There are two departments to accept PK this time, the business department carries out group PK order completion rate and new customer base , E-commerce department for group Ali and Amazon order completion rate PK. In short two months of PK, they are scrupulous in their duties, conscientious in their duties, go all out and work hard.

In the process of PK, although some small partners who got COVID-19, they didn’t give up and continued strive to move forward. The leaders of each group in the business department shared with us the mental journey of receiving orders in the past two months. There were smooth sailing groups, and there were also difficult and tortuous groups. In short, everyone worked very hard. Vicky shared with us that every member of her team worked hard every day. Finally, the Vicky group stood out among the three groups and won the first place, achieving the goal.

They are the group led by Vicky: Irene, Sara and Oliver. Achieved 79.06% of the order receiving target and won a bonus of 3000 yuan. Congratulations to them!

In the competition for individual new customers, Celine and Elvo each completed the development of a new customer of more than 3,000 dollars, and tied for the first place. In the competition for the total amount of individual new customers, Celine won the first place and Elvo the second place. Two guys are really neck and neck! Let's congratulate them!

There are successes and failures of the team, e-commerce department Ali group completed 67.05% of the target and Amazon group completed 68.91%. It’s only one step away from our goal of 70%, lost to accept punishment, punishment is: run around the Yinzhou Museum 3 laps.

Don't be discouraged if you fail, keep the usual state of mind, and continue to work hard and struggle with an optimistic spirit. Only by doing working hard so can success be possible. I believe they are ready for the next PK, continue to refueling together! Success is just around the corner!

No matter what the world is like, we should continue to live, eat, drink, and support our family, because we have elderly parents, young children, car loans, housing loans, and credit cards to repay. These are the driving forces for us to work hard, so the epidemic is really just passing by for us, and our life will continue. We must firmly believe that no cold winter can stop the spring light, and we can finally get rid of the fog to see the rainbow, all of which will be better, live well, work well and play a 12 point spirit. Boys and girls, let's cheer together in 2023!

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